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12 Oct









To think that some people don’t see a problem with society is disturbing

This is beyond disturbing.

facebook in a nutshell

this is fucking disgusting and made me sick to my stomach i dont understand how people can be so fucking?? awful????

"what’s rape culture? That’s not a thing." WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MUGGLES CALL THIS THEN?

actually frightening. 

This is fucking disgusting. How the fuck do you think that way and feel it’s alright?

10 Oct

The Hawks are on course for an 82-0 season

so impressed

05 Oct

The Interview: Kane on Barbies, Cups & Toews -

05 Oct


I really hope Quenneville is somehow playing a brilliant long-game, because signing Carcillo (after trading away Bollig, what?) and trading Leddy…. bruh. I just don’t get it. 

no, he’s not playing a “brilliant long-game”.  this is the same fool who thought handzus was a great 2 line center. smh.

05 Oct

I knew we were gonna get rid of Leddy


At least he’ll get more playing time now

he was better on the power play than keith was.

04 Oct

Sad that Leddy got traded

Sad that Leddy got traded.  I know he wasn’t the best in the playoffs but I still liked him a lot.  I hope he has a great career with the Islanders and everything works out for him.

24 Sep

2014-2015 Chicago Blackhawks new roster pictures

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28 Aug hockeyboystho:

Great time at the Blake Shelton concert with a great group of friends [x]


Great time at the Blake Shelton concert with a great group of friends [x]

25 Aug


24 Aug


Anatomy of Songs [wronghands]

23 Aug

Anonymous said: Where did you get those pictures of Teuvo? (:

They’re on twitter.  The NHLPA Rookie Showcase is going on this weekend in Toronto.  They’re from that.

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23 Aug Teuvo at the Rookie showcase

Teuvo at the Rookie showcase

23 Aug


23 Aug Teuvo at the NHLPA rookie showcase

Teuvo at the NHLPA rookie showcase


22 Aug

Can someone who speaks Finnish please, please, please tell me what this says?